My second book (out 2019) is available for pre-order! (Cue Oprah voice: pre-orderrrrrr!!!) All the places you can buy it online are listed below. I am crazy about the cover.


It’s always awesome to forget you bought a book and then receive it in the mail months later! Having the memory of a goldfish has its advantages:

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Chapters-Indigo (CAD)

Barnes and Noble (US)

Mindfulness for Surviving Life’s Challenges is my book of mindfulness exercises to help you feel less alone, to make you laugh, and to remind you that although you may not be able to leave your pain behind you, you can find empowering tools and move forward.

This follow-up to my first book comes out November 2019.

My first book, Mindfulness For PMS, Hangovers And Other Real World Situations has easy exercises to demonstrate  that purposeful presence is possible for all of us, even when your Uber is late or the Wi-Fi is down.

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