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I was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1980. At the age of ten, I expressed deep disappointment that I had not yet written a book. In 2018, at the age of 37, that dream was finally realized with the publication of Mindfulness for PMS, Hangovers And Other Real World Situations.


Sounds like a linear life doesn’t it? Not exactly. That book was my backup book to publish. I had written a full length novel. My life has been anything but predictable. I ditched grad school to run a hostel in Canterbury, England. I taught yoga in a cave in Italy. I worked in the corporate world in Switzerland for four years, sporting platinum blonde hair and wearing heels on cobblestone pathways. I learned Thai massage in Thailand. I gave birth to my favourite (and only) son in Philadelphia.


This website is a way to show me as a whole person. I thought about putting different websites out there for my writing and my teaching. But truly, I am a collection of all of my experiences. It is what allows me to focus in each area and live mindfulness as best I can. In a time of humble brags, I want to be woman enough to Kanye-West boast that I am good at more than one thing.


My second book Mindfulness For Life’s Challenges will be out in November 2019, because even with all of my feel-good experiences, I have had moments of true darkness and pain. My experience as a professional writer allowed me to find a way out by expressing myself and attempting to extract meaning from difficulty. I think (I hope) I succeeded.


Currently, I am the proud mom to an incredible toddler, which requires more energy than when I was teaching seven yoga classes a day in downtown Toronto. I also write my butt off, massage awesome people and get mindful with groups and individuals. I teach and I learn and I get up the next day and do it all over again.


I currently divide my time between London, Ontario and everywhere else.

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Mindfulness For PMS, Hangovers And Other Real World Situations

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