Private Yoga

I started out teaching a ton of group classes. I jumped in and I sometimes taught up to seven a day, which I am so glad I did. It gave me experience with a wide range of bodies and ages. It made me feel confident that I could teach by watching the amazing movements in the room. As much as teachers like to focus on alignment to keep students safe, focusing too much on alignment can bring forth the message that there is one way to do a pose. And this is certainly not the case.


I fell in love with yoga deeply when I was going through a lot of struggle in my life. I was getting tired of feeling sorry for myself and I tried all sorts of different things to get me out of my funk. Turns out, what I needed to do was sit still and see myself for who I really was (guess what, I still have to do this. All. The. Time.). By speaking the truth I realized I had to change jobs, change countries and leap without a promise of the stability I had been taught to covet.

Now I have almost one thousand hours of learning yoga, and thousands of hours of teaching yoga. I started my own yoga school, dedicated to small semi-private 200 hour yoga trainings (2016 involves a little break but any news will be presented on this webpage). I also teach seniors, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, and yin yoga. The yoga world is a competitive world, and I sometimes do question my place in it. One thing is for sure though. I won’t stop loving it fiercely because it brings me back to myself and I see it bring my students back to themselves, which to me matters far more than being able to get your leg behind your head.

forest yoga

forest yoga

Customized private yoga sessions can be life changing, no matter what your practice looks like at the onset. They are a great way to supplement if you have been taking yoga for awhile, or if you are hesitant to return. This is the bulk of my teaching and I would love to discuss the idea with you if it is something you are exploring.

Q&A time:

If you go to group classes, why would private yoga be for you?

  • you want a tailor-made practice that takes into account your body
  • you would rather your practice reflect your mood and your ability that week
  • you want to try new poses on your own terms
  • you want to let a flow class match your own breath length
  • you want more philosophy, more open ended questions and more of a relationship with your instructor
  • ______ (your reason)

Can I do private lessons if I have never done regular yoga?

 Heck yes. Private yoga is designed for you. You can ask questions and we can work with your strengths and help to weaken your weaknesses. You can tell me you’re tired and you just want to lie on the floor and meditate and I will respect that. Your sessions don’t have to look like anyone else’s. They just have to represent who you are in the moment.

I have an injury. Can I do your sessions?

Absolutely. I have taught and done yoga with a slipped disc, which gave me some excellent tools for back care yoga. My belief is that you don’t work through the pain. You allow inflammation to heal, however, this doesn’t mean that you stop doing everything! Even the greatest injuries have capabilities for movement or mindfulness and it can be a great opportunity to tap into them.

Do you teach pregnant women?

Yes I do. I am trained in prenatal yoga and love teaching it.

What would a yoga session look like?

On the first session, we will go over your goals, your background and your health history. We will form a yoga plan together. Each week we will refine, taking some time for silence at the beginning and the end. Seeing yoga as synonymous with flexibility is pigeon-holing a practice that is designed to be expansive. It has changed every couple of years in my own life and I want to invite room for it to do the same thing in yours.

Music or no music?

Your choice.

Thai massage or no Thai massage?

Your choice. I have trained in Chiang Mai and it can make for a nice end to the session from time to time.

I have a ton of references that I would love to send your way if you are still on the fence! I love teaching yoga that is explorative, mindful and slow enough to listen.

Let’s end on a good yoga joke:

Q: Do you want to join me for a yoga class?

A: Namaste here.