For those moments when you are wondering…why should I trust this woman anyway? Firstly, I won’t photoshop a double chin out of a yoga photo that insists on a double chin. Secondly, these lovely people below have things to say, about my writing, teacher trainings and yoga classes:



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“Courtney’s teacher training is excellent, 5 star kind of excellent. I feel so lucky to have found her. The program is well-rounded and eye-opening. It leaves you feeling confident and ready to teach. After a nine hour day, I leave feeling energized and wanting more. Courtney is extremely knowledgeable, personable, humble, and a really wonderful person. Her style is down-to-earth and safe, and she embodies the philosophy of honouring one’s self. If you’re looking to get certified or advance your personal practice, I highly recommend training with Courtney.”
“This was the best experience being a person that is shy, busy, and on a budget, Courtney Sunday was able to accommodate. I was blessed to be a part of this training and be around a group of amazing women studying together to enrich our lives to become the fullest possible beings we can be. To learn and grow from each other; a first chapter in a new novel were empowerment, wisdom, history, and mindfulness was blossomed. Courtney truly inspired me to dive into yoga philosophy, theory, and practice on a level I never thought that I could reach. Highly recommended!”
“Teacher training with Courtney Sunday has been a life changing experience.  Aside from being an inspiring teacher, Courtney is infectiously joyful, incredibly open hearted, open minded, intellectually curious and always deeply kind. She really does walk the talk and is a testament to the manifestation a dedicated yoga practise can bring to your life.

It’s clear that Courtney is deeply grounded in and continues to study and grow her own yoga practise. This authentic interest and commitment to yoga as well as a genuine interest in sharing her love for the practise with others makes her a powerful teacher. She makes it abundantly clear yoga teaching as well as practise is a continual journey.

Courtney’s approach is one of sharing, guiding, coaching, and encouraging rather than reading from a rulebook or reiterating dogma. She offers a wide and rich perspective of the practise as well as freely offers her knowledge, opinion and experiences while encouraging her students to choose for themselves what resonates most. Like laying out a beautiful banquet, Courtney offers much – and with this offering, deeply instills the seeds of interest and encourages life-long growth in her students by giving them such an array of abundance as to feel grounded, yet free to explore.

Teacher training with Courtney was so much more than I expected. My expectation was to learn the skills I needed to teach. Instead, I learned so much about myself: what I need to nurture in myself to become a good teacher, how expansive the world of yoga is, how to soften and open up more, how to trust more, how to better care for myself and others. I thought completing this training would feel like I’d arrived, yet this feels like just the beginning. There is no greater gift a teacher can give a student.

I can’t possibly imagine a better experience for my first 200 hours and find myself grieving the end of this training. Being one of Courtney’s students is nothing less than a blessing. Travelling this journey with her has been like walking through the door to a world of wonders. I will forever be deeply grateful for her guidance, support and joyful, openhearted presence in my life.”

“Courtney’s Yoga Teacher Training Program (RYT200) was dynamic, fun, and very educational. Courtney made me feel at ease every step of the way through the training program. She provided a wide range of training information, practical and traditional Yoga history and philosophy. I was always looking forward to our lessons, can’t get enough. I will take the 500 hour teacher training with Courtney!”
“I first met Courtney at Sugar Ridge Resort where I attended my first yoga retreat with my daughter.  Courtney’s warm smile and sunny disposition made everyone comfortable instantly.  At that time I was grieving the loss of my brother and searching for a way to heal.  Courtney’s gentle manner helped me relax and connect with my pain.  I found that each session brought tears to eyes, and healing.  I was so impressed with Courtney that I organized a yoga group in my neighbourhood with her as our teacher.  Each one hour session literally felt like it lasted only minutes as we were so focused.  Each class also left us refreshed and relaxed.  Courtney has been a great influence on our well-being.  I whole-heartedly recommend Courtney.” 
“I absolutely love my yoga sessions with Courtney. She is highly knowledgeable, amazingly intuitive, and incredibly positive. She challenges our class in such a supportive way. She always brings her authentic self to the class and radiates pure joy. My yoga time with Courtney is the highlight of my week!”
“I never thought that I would be interested in Yoga. After attending one session with Courtney, I can`t imagine what I’d do without the meditative practice.”
“Courtney guides the class and allows each student to experience Yoga in their own way.`
“Always very warm and welcoming, Courtney allows each person to set their own level of difficulty for each class.”
“Incredible how she taught me to strengthen my core for running while calming my mind for life.”
“I have worked with Courtney over the last five years and been impressed with her ability to lead and inspire. She has transformed my approach to healthy living by connecting the ability to exercise to mindful meditation.  There are few people who personify the calm focus of the ideal yoga practitioner and offer the curiosity and openness that defines Courtney’s practice.”
“My back pain and headache are gone after taking up Yoga.  I sleep like a baby on the nights after Courtney’s Yoga classes.  I feel more agile and energized after each class. My strength and flexibility have increased.  Yoga works for your longevity as long as you do it.”
 “Courtney’s yoga classes are awesome.  A great time to relax, stretch, and feel good!”
 “I started the Tuesday class last year to help with a nagging knee issue and to combat the fact that we sit for a living. I have found Courtney’s Tuesday class to be great! It has helped strengthen and rehab my knee, as well as generally improves my health. I look forward to Tuesday Yoga.”
“I like having a yoga class during my work hours, since it refreshes my body and relaxes your mind outside the office. You can concentrate better after the class. The class itself is also nice.  Courtney combines Yoga and Pilates, so it’s not only relaxing but challenging as well. If you would like to build some muscle around your core, Courtney class is recommended.”