Gross and gruesome. Comfortable and uncomfortable.

Right now as I write this I am sitting on a chair. Supportive “miracle balls” are behind my lumbar spine. My legs are not crossed. I am wearing a belly band to support my low back. And it is excruciating.

I am in the last month of pregnancy and I assumed things would slow down. Instead, I woke up Thursday and it was like things stopped. Standing became a huge exercise. Lying on one side on the floor became an option, until it didn’t. All fours was the most comfortable position.

You can probably guess what abruptly happened to my yoga classes.

Back pain with a human living inside of you has fewer solutions. Your range of motion is already limited. Your belly gets in the way. You reconsider pain meds. I have found myself alternating between feeling incredibly strong mentally and feeling like I could crumble at any moment. Pain is a physical experience and I try to at least tend to my mental spaces when it happens. Give myself a moment to cry, or find relief, or even (probably not surprisingly if you follow my blog) meditate. Sometimes we move year by year but pain can have us moving hour by hour or even minute by minute.

In the thread of the remarkable (and annoying) human body I thought I would share this infographic by Ellie Summers, who hand created all of the characters and also found some pretty amazing facts that you might not know, even if you have taken your anatomy classes seriously.

To the gross and gruesome. To the comfortable and uncomfortable. To being human!