Hire me as your writer

I am a seasoned health, wellness, travel and food writer and I love to work with any company that believes in a healthy lifestyle and connecting with their customers!

I can provide a fun and informative bent on topics that will make people want to continue reading — which is what it’s all about, isn’t it? I love to learn, and I will bring your customers along with me on my nerdy, knowledge-based journey. We live in a time when people don’t want to be “sold” something, they want to feel heard. Choosing me as your writer will certainly get that message across.

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I have compiled ebooks, newsletters, blogs and more for companies such as Nature’s Path, Passport to Prana and even The Food Network. You can find my current portfolio at https://courtneysunday.contently.com/.

Here is a reference from a former editor at tuja wellness:

“Courtney is a fantastic writer and contributor for our company – she takes on numerous assignments with ease, grace and intention. She brings to our company much expertise on a weekly basis and we’re thrilled to continue to work with her indefinitely. She is a fantastic communicator and continuously strives to produce work that is of high quality and just plain awesome.”

  • Kyla Jacobs

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