Wellness coaching

No one knows everything and no one is perfect. My role as a health coach is to make you realize as much what you are doing right as the things you could tweak.

It is not my job to be didactic. It is my job to help you to remember what you are capable of, and what you truly want to do. Health is multi-faceted and through our conversations, you will emerge more mindful about your own personal health journey. I will follow up each discussion with tools and resources, allowing you to feel empowered. It is all about you. There is no one size fits all plan.

I have trained at the Mayo Clinic, worked for years in health and wellness writing, and as a yoga and Pilates instructor. I know that I am different every year and I assume you are the same. If you have been conducting the same behaviour for years because it worked ten years ago, this may not be the case today. We will find your present-day solutions.

Think: life coach but with a wellness bent. Think: someone who has your back and can cut through all the noise to get to what is right for you in your healthy life. We will construct a vision and help you move towards it, judgment-free.

Feeling better is possible in all of our lives. Contact me and we will start to move you forward, one step at a time.

$80/session, monthly plans available

Discounts given for 5 and 10 pack sessions. Inquire for details.