Meditation challenge

When I started meditating, I didn’t know much about the practice. Heck, I still don’t. What I know is that allowing even a little bit of space in my crazy life gives me the chance to be better. When I meditate, even if I drink coffee right after, I am more relaxed. I want the idea of meditation to co-exist with being a perfectly flawed human being. I have meditated for over ten years and I am still no closer to being perfect. I do, however, have better coping mechanisms for when life happens (like last week when my computer broke down).


Coming soon…a meditation challenge that will include guided meditations, a one-month mindfulness calendar and online support for a low price. Totally suitable for beginners, totally suitable for people with busy lives. If you want in, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter: I will also have some fun free stuff in the newsletter.

Namaste, sweet yogis!