Corporate Wellness Programs

When I started working with corporate wellness programs, they were in their infancy. People tentatively came down to my yoga classes in their boardrooms and took off their shoes. People came down from their meetings into a meditation class, sinking into their office chairs doubtfully.

My, have things changed.

With corporations now recognizing that wellness works best when it is a shared business goal, employees can live healthier and happier lives. After all stress can lead to illness, which can lead to sick days, which can lead to less productivity. Everyone wins when wellness is placed as a high priority, rather than on the back-burner.

forest yoga

My wellness programs have been used from banks to hotels across Canada and the US. They have been custom-built and have included:

  • on site yoga and Pilates lessons
  • one-on-one wellness coaching sessions
  • chair massage sessions
  • meditation programs
  • monthly health fairs
  • additional services, such as nutrition services and personal training, organized through my thorough and well-trained network

The right wellness program helps employees to incorporate wellness seamlessly into their lives, rather than feeling forced into health. They feel like fun, rather than work!

I would love to work with you and your team to form a program that works exceptionally for your needs.