Surprising Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Physical Health – guest post

I was talking to my friend about mindfulness (and my book!!! My book that comes out next year!!!) this weekend. He knew there were tons of benefits. It made me realize the mindfulness movement has made meditation like exercise: even if we don’t do it, we know it is good for us.

Today’s guest post is all about the physical benefits of mindfulness, which are all pretty amazing but not entirely surprising to those who have ruminated on the mind-body connection. Take it away, Brenan Quirante!

Surprising Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Physical Health1

Mindfulness meditation is the awareness and acceptance of everything in the present moment, including both the positive and negative things. It is natural for the human brain to notice negativity more than positivity. Nature has built the human brain in this way for survival purposes so that you are always aware of the dangers around you and you are ready to fight or escape.

This “survival awareness” can make people jump to the worst conclusion at the slightest sign of danger. On the other hand, other people have a natural defense mechanism that denies negative things, pretending there’s nothing wrong even when all of it is wrong.

Both types of people aren’t helping themselves! Mindfulness meditation places you in the middle. It also has a bonus: improved physical health. Here are the surprising benefits of mindfulness meditation for your physical health.

Prevention For Heart and Brain Problems

Mindfulness meditation strengthens the heart because mindfulness meditation involves breathing exercises. Scientists have also observed that people who undergo a certain amount of mindfulness meditation have brains with thicker myelin. So what exactly is myelin? Myelin is the primary component of the brain. Myelin is what gives the brain its whitish appearance. Thick myelin helps neurons synapse faster, strengthening the brain.

Improve Your Sleep Health

Have you ever felt groggy all day, and then a sudden surge of energy just when it’s already your bedtime? And you lie awake, with your eyes wide open and your mind happily thinking thought after another thought endlessly. This kind of situation will make you restless all night and ensure another day of grogginess. You need to welcome mindfulness meditation into your life. Mindfulness meditation calms the mind and the body and helps you to function better. When it’s time to sleep, mindfulness meditation makes it easier for you to relax and sleep well.

Pain Prevention

Headaches, backaches, and all sorts of aches can turn a perfect day into hell. Being in pain can make a person irritable and unpleasant to be around. Pain can turn you into The Hulk, probably without the green muscles. Mindfulness meditation lessens the stress that is brought about by body pain because mindfulness meditation involves relaxation and self-control. Mindfulness meditation can make your mind strong enough to be not affected by the pain. You can control this stress even more by checking out Peak Nootropics, medicines that enhance the mind. You’ll be like Popeye with his spinach, stronger and better.

Reduction of Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is a highly difficult condition. I have met ill-mannered people who have blamed their bad manners on their arthritis, a claim that was believable. Just like with body pain, mindfulness meditation also lessens the stress that is caused by the pain of arthritis. It may not lessen the pain, but it lessens the stress because of the same relaxation and self-control areas of mindfulness meditation.

Increases Energy Level and Immune Function

Believe it or not, but our daily habits and society, in general, encourage us to waste a lot of energy. Mindfulness meditation increases your energy level because it calms you down, saving your energy. It makes your mind clear enough to make you fully aware of which things really require your intervention, effort, and energy. It is also scientifically proven to increase the power of the immune system, helping your immune system to protect you from germs and keeping you away from sickness.

Reduces Blood Sugar Level in Diabetics

Mindfulness meditation reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics. People with diabetes tend to have high blood sugar levels because they are unable to turn the sugar from their foods into energy. That is why they become obese, but lack energy. High blood sugar levels can lead to severe complications, and some people with diabetes take medicines, exercise routines, and certain nutritional food products to deal with this. Some diabetics and select clinics use mindfulness meditation to help diabetics with their blood sugar levels (in conjunction with medicine and exercise).

Surprising Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Physical Health2

Mindfulness meditation gives you a better body, and it helps you survive. Being aware of everything in the present moment lets you know what exactly is happening, helping you respond accordingly. Mindfulness meditation can keep you from turning into one of those people who scream and run around like headless chickens in emergency situations, or those people who just stare in shock as a burning truck bounces on the highway toward them.

Mindfulness meditation can turn you into Bond, James Bond. Just kidding.

This month’s meditation!

This summer has been scorching in Philadelphia and I have been exploring all the ways to cool down, from mid-day cold showers to bulking up on foods that have a 90% or higher water content. I don’t often eat eggs, and I don’t believe in wasting them, but I am pretty sure the fried egg on the sidewalk trick would be successful. (There has to be a cruelty free substitute.)

Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, is the one who coined the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday. With blogs and Instagram accounts showing uni-faceted ways of living, it is easy to believe that there are people out there who excel at the art of being consistent. They always “eat clean.” They align with their spiritual selves and check in on a daily basis. They replace a bad mood with a handstand.

NOV_0377-Edit-Edit (1)

I love yoga, but I don’t do it every damn day.

I call BS.

No one has it figured out and no one has a perfect existence. I will be running a 500 hour teacher training in 2018, and my co-leader, Monica and I were discussing the lie of the linear. In other words, we think that we can get better, stronger, healthier, faster, more attractive, etc, if only we just applied the appropriate formula. We don’t take into account age, or injury, or illness, or mental state, or just the fact that we are human freaking beings.

Especially this summer, join me in taking a break from the linear expectations. From judging your stomach every time you look in the mirror to bemoaning the wrinkles that have seemed to appear overnight. Take a break from your own perfection and live a little, even if that means sleeping in and reading the paper in bed. Give yourself permission to live a life that isn’t in a straight line, because there is nothing that happens every damn day for the rest of your life.

Let’s keep it simple with this month’s meditation. I hope that you enjoy!

WTF is health coaching?

I have just finished my health coaching certification with the Mayo Clinic. It was an amazing experience that shed light on my blind spots, which can be uncomfortable and enlightening all at once.

Now I am working with people to look into all aspect of their wellness life, from spirituality to exercise to relationships to food. Sessions typically last 30 minutes or longer, helping them to devise their own plan rather than one than I think is good for them.

Why is this more effective?

Think of the times that someone gave you unwanted advice. Whether they believed that you should go Paleo or should take up running, you may have nodded, all while thinking, “There is no way I am going to do that.” The person walked away, feeling helpful and you walked away, doing what actually worked for you.

We know ourselves better than our doctors and our friends and our partners. Sometimes we fall out of relationship with ourselves, but when we are in tune, we can charge forward and make great strides.

Health coaching helps you to find your own plan of action that is sustainable and actionable. It works with your lifestyle to help you to set goals that are doable rather than too lofty. Small steps, consistently, mean that we can feel balanced, less stressed and more healthy.

I know it has worked for me. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your health. Best of all, it will be fun and over faster than you can read a self-help book, with longer-lasting results.

How much are you willing to work for your health goals?

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy: A Mini-Guide (Guest Post)

There are times of the year that I find it much easier to be healthy. We are now in the middle of the produce-friendly summer, and I have friends who consider a visit to the farmer’s market a valuable opportunity to catch up (although, quite honestly, we get distracted by the tomatoes that fold into themselves and the berries that are too temptingly fresh to make it all of the way home).

There are other times of year when it is not so easy. Say, anytime that someone makes pie. (I am sometimes that someone.) Or when cinnamon buns are in season.

Who better to teach us how to eat than a mother of two little ones who probably has ample experience saying the phrase “Eat your vegetables!” Ida Jones writes regularly about fitness tips and much more at Fitness GritShe enjoys home-based workouts, cardio exercises and long runs. (Yes, she enjoys long-runs.) Ida loves spending her vacations outdoors with her kids around nature and she believes in the power of clean and healthy eating.

I’ll leave you with some satisfyingly lumpy tomatoes and Ida’s article:

Eat healthy, stay healthy: A mini guide!

Most of us love to eat and to try out new foods. To help you to stay curious, healthy and fit, I have a mini guide for you!

Following are a few dos and don’ts that I have found to be helpful and that may get you on the right track:

  • Junk food can be an issue. Avoid eating junk food and try to replace it with healthy food that contain more fibre. The presence of fat, carbohydrates, and processed sugar in junk food contributes to an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many other chronic health conditions.
  • Canned food and items that are highly processed are not good for your health. Read the labels!
  • Soft drinks contain harmful substances that can cause numerous health problems such as diabetes, heart diseases and obesity. Therefore, cutting them out can help you get rid of those extra pounds and make it easier for you to achieve your health goals.
  • Overeating is another big issue for many of us. Binge eating can lead to obesity. The best approach is to divide your meals into smaller portions and eat food items that are rich in fibre, because they stabilize your energy levels and keep hunger at bay.
  • Try eating foods that are natural. Go for raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Processed foods are harmful to your health in every way so choose the natural foods when you have the chance. Eat fresh and stay healthy!
  • Dieting is harmful to your health. Never crash diet no matter how desperate you may be to lose weight. Starving yourself is not the solution. Instead, try to change your eating habits and opt for a balanced diet so that your body doesn’t fall short on nutrients.
  • Consuming raw food is a great way to stay healthy. Add a salad to your everyday diet. Raw vegetables and fruits provide you with the necessary proteins, vitamins, and calcium that your body requires to stay healthy and fit.
  • Be kind to your digestive system. Give it enough time to digest food. Consider having dinner at least three hours before you sleep. Food is not digested properly if you sleep right after eating.
  • Chew your food well. When you chew food properly and slowly, your stomach gets time to digest it well.
  • Take care of your water consumption. Drink lots of water every day. At least eight glasses per day will help you to stay hydrated, healthy and fresh. It will have a great effect on your skin too.
  • Try adding natural honey to your everyday diet. Honey is a natural sweetener that brings along lots of health advantages for you.

All you need is nutrition (and love).


New Travel Post – 10 Adventurous Tiger Safari Holiday Destinations In India

I love hearing about people’s travels.

My friend Annie had a week off and went all the way to Bali and crammed so much into that week you would swear she was gone for months. I recently FaceTimed with a friend who was watching her daughter play in the Hawaiian sand. It is so cool to see people’s faces light up when they do something that feels completely different from their normal day-to-day existence.

Tiger safari, anyone?

I am not a fan of zoos. I know that some of them are wonderful when it comes to conservation and protecting endangered species, but something about it makes my stomach turn. Animals without the freedom to be their full selves and to roam and eat in the way that they were designed to do doesn’t feel natural to me.

I went on a safari in South Africa ten years ago and I realized there is a way to appreciate animals in their natural habitat. It will certainly not happen as often as a zoo might, but that is okay. I have some lazy cats to keep me occupied in the meantime.

Today’s post is by Rohit Agarwal.  He is an adventure enthusiast and wildlife lover. He is also a blogger at His love for wildlife and adventure make him explore the unhidden places in India and across the world.

Bucket list!

10 Adventurous Tiger Safari Holiday Destinations in India

These days’ people have become more interested in watching tigers due to their decreasing population. Fortunately, India has a large population of tigers. So, if you are planning to have an adventurous tiger safari, here are the top 10 places for you.

  1. Bandhavgarh National Park

Photo by Vijay Kabra, CC BY-SA 4.0


The best place to see Royal Bengal Tigers is Bandhavgarh, situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Bandhavgarh is famous for its white tigers. Visitors can opt for jeep safari or elephant rides. Other wildlife species found in Bandhavgarh are foxes, raj behra and nilgai. Bandhavgarh also has rare species of birds due to a diverse tropical forest.

  1. Ranthambore National Park

Photo by JULIAN MASON, CC BY 2.0


Tigers are the main attraction of Ranthambore National Park, situated in Rajasthan. Here, tigers roam freely and absorb the warmth of the sun. Tigers can be easily spotted during the day. This place is surrounded by Vindhyas and Aravali Hills. There are also several lakes inside the park. Other than tigers, the park also has other wildlife species such as Striped hyenas, deers and marsh crocodiles.

  1. Kanha National Park

Photo by Ashishmahaur, CC BY-SA 4.0


Situated in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park is also called Kanha Tiger Reserve. The dense forests and enchanting landscapes attracts many travellers to this park. To spot tigers, you have to explore the dense forests. You may even catch the glimpse of the rare barasingha. Other wildlife attractions available in this parka are Indian bison, panther, python and sloth bear.

  1. Corbett National Park

Photo by Vikram Gupchup, CC BY-SA 3.0


Jim Corbett National Park is Asia’s first national park and covers an area of 1288 km and is not only in India but also across the world. Corbett was the first park to implement project tiger (a tiger conservation program launched in 1973 by the Government of India). The most furious member of cat family can be easily spotted here. Other wildlife animals found here are fishing cats, serow, goral, Himalayan Tahr and several species of birds.

  1. Nameri National Park

Photo by Jolinlp, CC BY-SA 3.0


Nameri National Park, situated in Assam covers an area of 200 square km. Nameri has a rich collection of rare plants. Tigers can be seen easily in this park. Visitors also has an option of exploring the place on foot! Nameri also has large population of elephants. It has over 300 species of birds making it a paradise for bird lovers. Tourists can also try river rafting in the river Jia Bhoroli. The climate here is pleasant during the day and cold at night. Other interesting wildlife species are white-winged ducks, hornbills and kingfishers.

  1. Satpura National Park

Leopard, Photo by Davidvraju, CC BY-SA 4.0


If you are looking for an adventurous tiger safari, then Satpura is just the place to be. Satpura, situated in Madhya Pradesh has dense forests and is spread over an area of 524 square km. The park has rare flora and fauna. Satpura also implements Project Tiger. Tigers can be spotted near river Sonbhadra. Other wildlife attractions of this park include, hyenas, leopards, gaur, sambhar and hornbills.

  1. Sunderban National Park

Photo by Himanshu Gupta, CC BY-SA 4.0


India’s largest tiger reserve, Sunderban is spread over an area of 1395 square km in West Bengal. It also has largest forest cover of Mangroves. It is also a World Heritage Site. The Sunderban is a part of the world’s largest delta formed by river Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna.

  1. Nagarhole National Park

Photo by Shri Kishen Rajendran, CC BY-SA 4.0


Nagarhole National Park is spread over an area of 643 square km in Karnataka. Nagarhole is a perfect wildlife getaway. The park is closed during rainy season. Kabini lake is a great spot for spotting tigers. Other wildlife species found in Nagarhole are leopards, sloth bears, macaque, elephants and gaur.

  1. Bandipur National Park

Photo by Aditya945, CC BY-SA 4.0


Situated in Karnataka, Bandipur National Park is the most beautiful national park in South India. The park has also implemented Project Tiger. Bandipur is blessed with natural beauty. Apart from tiger’s other wildlife attractions are sambar, elephants, panthers and green pigeons. This is one of the few national parks that is open throughout the year. It is a part of biggest biosphere reserve known as the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

  1. Periyar Tiger Reserve

Photo by Wouter Hagens, Public Domain


The most popular wildlife sanctuary of South India, Periyar covers an area of 777 square km. The vast region also has an artificial lake created by the British in 1895. Periyar has a large population of tigers. Apart from tigers, Periyar is home to a large population of elephants. Other wildlife attractions in this park are leopards, deer, macaques and tigers.

Has anyone been on a tiger safari? Would you go if you had the chance?

This month’s free meditation: Cooling practice

Ready to feel old? (Has anyone said, “Yes?” to that?) Nelly’s Hot in Herre (sample lyrics: It’s Getting Hot In Here, So Take Off All Your Clothes) is 15 years old! If you don’t know what I am talking about, rest assured, you are still young.

I think about this song, firstly because it’s catchy, and secondly, because summer is just starting and I have already been stinking HOT. I was in Italy last month waiting in line to see the David under blazing sunlight, glaring jealously at people who were strolling by with gelato (even though I was by no means gelato deficient). The heat in Philadelphia has also been incredibly intense and my water bottle has become my best friend. (My partner said there was no possible way I could drink more water, but apparently I proved him wrong.)


It becomes harder to be speedy in these kind of temperatures, and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe this heat is a way of life ensuring that we aren’t all type A all the time. No one was keeping score as to how efficient we have been anyway.

I wish you a summer with good books, good friends and popsicles dribbling down your chin. I wish you a summer where you put that work away at least once and you leave the laundry in the hamper.

This month’s meditation is a cooling meditation. Consider it air conditioning for those who don’t want the poor health effects of constant central air conditioning. Enjoy!


Guest post – 5 Ways To Bring Mindfulness Into Everyday Life

Hi everyone!

I have just returned from a two and a half week vacation, which feels extremely different from a one week vacation. My shoulders have relaxed. I stopped living in the future. My ambitions sizzled in the sun.

It is always a relief to escape our “to-do” lists. Now that I am firmly planted in front of my computer, I am vowing to keep my vacation feeling as long as possible. I had a nice quiet walk this morning. I didn’t rush through my chores: unpacking, calling the cable company, etc. I am doing my best!

Today’s guest post is about allowing mindfulness into the everyday moments. It is written by Odette Cecilia, who is originally from Venezuela and learned intuitively to meditate through creative visualization. Her depth of spirit led to her interest in and love of the healing arts and most specifically, the use of sound frequencies and music to enhance spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being in others.


(My kind of lady.)

As a Sound Healing Meditation Therapist and Reiki Master, Odette has worked in the US and globally providing sound healing meditations. (If you haven’t tried a sound healing meditation, I highly recommend it!) Odette uses the harp, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and other instruments in conjunction with guided visualization and meditation in the sound therapy that she offers to both individuals and groups. You can learn more about Odette at her website

Without further adieu…

5 Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Daily Life

Mindfulness is many things, but can focus on your own intentions and time. You can sneak mindfulness in your daily life by tuning into your mind which helps you to be available to what you are really doing, instead of lost in considering what to do. Here are 5 tips to implant mindfulness into your entire day.

  1. Eating:


Eating carefully can enable you to discover the joy of nourishment. A number of us have withdrawn from this, which can be one of the life’s most straightforward and magnificent joys. Sit for your supper, kill all diversions and concentrate on the now.

See the food on your plate, focus on colour, shapes, and aromas. Bring attention to the impression of biting and the flavours, surfaces, and temperatures in your mouth. Notice any inclination to eat rapidly or swallow your nourishment without experiencing it completely. Notice when you are being seized from the experience of eating and delicately take it back to the food.

  1. Showering:


Picking something you do consistently every day can be a useful approach to make sure you practice Mindfulness.

Be aware of the need to set the temperature before getting into the shower; aware of the influx of delight as the warm water washes over you; aware of the fragrance of the shower gel or soap; aware of the mind hopping forward, envisioning future discussions; aware of the measure of water you’re utilizing; and aware of the sound of the water. See when your mind strays and delicately take it back to the vibes of your body.

  1. Cleaning:


Cleaning is a method for respecting our physical environment and sustaining the individuals who live with us. As you clean, concentrate on your body, and the sounds and smells around you.

Convey careful attention to the demonstrations of; dusting, washing dishes, folding clothing and vacuuming.

  1. Walking:


Walking can be a great way to gather energy without taking any additional time from your day. Regardless of whether you’re strolling around your neighbourhood, from the car to the store or through the corridors at work, you can transform your walk into a thoughtful exercise.

Feel your feet reaching the ground. See what it feels like to walk a little slower in case you’re lacking in energy. Take in your environment, the odours, the hues, the sounds. Utilize careful strolling as a moment of mindfulness in your day.

  1. Breathing:


Breathing is so normal to us that we rarely consider it. Through concentrating on your breath, you will feel more grounded and in charge.

Through concentrating on your breath and neglecting every single other idea, your mental talk will stop (or at least slow), empowering you to concentrate more. Have a go at sitting or lying down. Shut your eyes and breathe deeply into the gut.

Thanks for the ideas, Odette!

Vacation meditation

I was 22 the first time I crossed the Atlantic ocean. I had just finished my undergraduate degree and I wanted to celebrate with a trip. I was with a friend from high school on one leg, a friend from University on another (and sadly, almost 15 years later, I am no longer in touch with either of them). I also had a leg in between where I was going to take a train from London to Paris by myself and have a night in Paris alone. I didn’t sleep that night and somehow ended up in a gorgeous restaurant with my one sundress that hadn’t made it to the bottom of my traveller’s backpack.


My life 10 years ago. A swiss summer. Please ignore the low rise jeans. They were popular at the time.

By the time I returned home about a month later, I was changed. I went on that first flight with nervous anticipation, but almost no expectations. I have never been the same since. I know that some people can go abroad and come home and say “There’s no place like home.” Yet a part of me has always thought, since that month, “There’s no place like a place I have never seen.”

I have been to more countries than the years I have been alive. I am returning to several I love dearly in the next couple of weeks: Italy, Germany and Sweden. I love them because of the people there, because of the lifestyle offered and (let’s be honest) because of the food. My love is coming with me and I can’t wait to people watch over steaming bowls of pasta with him.

I also realized that my wanderlust has sometimes crept into my meditations. I sometimes bring myself back to Hawaii with the rolling waves on the beach, or back to Bali with the flowers strewn across doorsteps. I also sometimes imagine what it would be like on trips I have not yet experienced.

For today’s meditation, let’s travel together. It’s a short one but I hope it will make you realize how vast your own imagination is, and how the powerful mind can relax itself, even when the next vacation is not in cards.

I hope that you enjoy!

My stress relief toolbox + free meditation

It seems that everyone around me is stressed, for varying and warranted reasons. As an empath, it has been rubbing off on me, so I have been reaching for the things that calm me down. One of my friends told me that she was stressed and I asked her how she was nourishing herself. She paused for a long time and couldn’t think of anything.


I recommend after reading this post to take a pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write your own list. Don’t think too hard. Just think about the things you most reach for when you have a bad day that make you feel better. Then, when you have a bad day and you feel flummoxed about what to do, you can reach for your own solutions, which won’t make everything right, but will bring your stress levels down.

Here are some of my tried-and-tested nourishing tools:

  1. A pimped out bath: candles, bath bombs, ambient music.
  2. Lying on the floor. Sometimes this is an official yoga pose. Other times, it is just what it sounds like and helps me to feel grounded.
  3. Hot tea. There is something about the ritual of making tea that helps me to calm.
  4. An early bedtime. I will unabashedly put on my pjs at 7 and go to bed at 8 when I feel like I need to recharge.
  5. Bright clothing. Something about putting on a bright colour surges me with energy, even when I am lacking in it.
  6. Lattes. Mike and I bought each other a cappuccino maker for Valentine’s Day and I love bringing out my inner barista.
  7. Hugs. Sometimes I have to ask for one, sometimes I don’t, but either way, it always helps me.
  8. Outside time. Being outside, even if it is just outside my building can help to pull things into perspective.
  9. Cuddles from animals. They use me to give them food, I can use them for affection.
  10. Books that I have already read. There is something comforting about returning to a story that will give me no surprises.

If you feel inclined to do so, let me know what you most turn to when you feel the effects of stress within your own life. We can all benefit from more ideas on how to develop inner resilience.

I didn’t even mention meditation in my top ten list, but it is what most soothes me when I find I am taking something too hard or forecasting the future. I get up in the morning and I sit. It sounds so simple, but it ends up allowing me release, even on the subtlest level.

This month’s free meditation is a five senses mindfulness exercise that doesn’t require any formality. It is something to take with you on the road, to help with any racing thoughts or when you start to feel stress build in a way where the only thing you are looking forward to is that glass of wine at the end of the day. (No judgment, it’s just hard to wait the whole day for your relief.)

I hope that you enjoy it. I have so been enjoying our small community of mindful warriors.

I am grateful for you.

xx Courtney

Best Escapes Anyone Can Have (B.E.A.C.H.) In India

I have only been to India once. As I now teach yoga, when I tell people this, they often imagine me in an ashram, a la Eat Pray Love. And although I have been to Italy, India and Bali, like Elizabeth Gilbert, I went for very different reasons than she did (although I did see a medicine man and must tell you that story another time).

I went to India to train a group of men on an IT platform. I wore a suit. In another life, I gave PowerPoint Presentations. Okay, I still do, but now they are yoga or writing related. When I was in Gurgaon and New Delhi, I didn’t even consider taking a yoga class. I mostly fought off jet lag and ate rich meals with my colleagues. I am squinting in all of the photos that were taken – with a camera – because I forgot sunglasses.

Although I don’t like to repeat countries (I always say I will save that when I am older) I think I will have to make an exception for India, to have an entirely different experience. I would like to have long periods of meditation and sit outside in the heat with a group of people looking for more than what our Smartphones and computers can deliver.

Rohit Agarwal lives there and he fuelled my Wunderlust by writing this article about the top ten beach resorts in India. I have been on a plane within the last week and I truly have nothing to complain about, but I couldn’t help but sigh as I looked at the lavish photography. Read with caution.

India has been considered a subcontinent for its unique topographic features and landmarks. One of those features is that more than one-third of the country is clearly defined by bodies of water. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, the Indian Subcontinent provides a surreal location for ideal beach retreats. From coastal waves to backwater beaches, from white sand to pebble beaches, from relaxing lazy ambiance to wild sports adventures, the following 10 resorts mentioned below are literally the Best Escape Anybody Can Have (B.E.A.C.H.)

  1. The Leela Goa

Image Source


A private beach and absolutely beautiful lagoon suites with exemplary hotel service are what describes The Leela Goa which is India’s only beach and riverside resort. Pamper yourself with their ranges of Ayurveda Spa treatments or just sign up to their cultural meanderings and heritage visit experiences.

  1. Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa

Image Source

Park Hyatt

The Indo-Portuguese village structure will charm you as you enter Park Hyatt Goa Resort. Located on Arossim beach and home to one of the largest pools in Goa, the resort is ideal for both, sunbathing on the golden sand and enjoying the pool water slides. Don’t miss out on the horticulture tour and fresh seafood cooked to perfection.

  1. Barefoot at Havelock

Image Source


Experience paradise at Havelock Island’s one of the best beach resorts. Nestled in lush rainforest greenery and near a white sand beach, barefoot at Havelock is a dream come true for beach lovers. Explore the resort grounds filled with exotic birds and animals or go snorkelling to explore fascinating underwater life.

  1. Mayfair Palm Beach Resort

Image Source


Facing the Bay of Bengal, on the coastal lines of Odisha lies the Mayfair Palm Beach Resort catering to the aesthetic pleasure of sea-lovers. The resort is exquisitely decorated with sea shells and the architecture suggests an old world charm while the rooms are sufficiently modern. Enjoy tea with a cool sea breeze by the ever rolling waves.

  1. Taj Exotica Goa

Image Source

Taj Exotica

If you are looking for a secluded and romantic experience at one of the finest beach resorts in Goa, Taj Exotica Goa has got you covered. Their unique private dining experience with handcrafted menus and enthralling settings by the beach is one of the sensorial services the resort offers.

  1. Vivanta by Taj Bekal

Image Source


Private courtyards and swinging beds by the sea? Luxury is redefined at one of the Kerala’s most elegant resorts. Take a leisure cruise on a Kettuvalam, Keralite houseboat often known as ‘boast with knots’ or spend an evening enjoying the gorgeous landscape with the sea and the backwaters converging.

  1. Marbela Beach Resort

Image Source


The beach facing accommodation of Marbela Beach resort will make you feel as if paradise is literally at your doorstep. This resort is also home to the hottest night beach parties of Goa and private luxury tents. Beautiful cabanas a few steps from the beach, surrounded by small gardens are perfect spots to view tropical sunsets.

  1. Kadmat Beach Resort

Image Source



Kadmat is one of the virgin unspoiled beaches of Lakshwadeep Islands. Surrounded by crystal clear water and glistening white sand positioned in the coconut palm groves with dolphins playing beyond the coral reef at sunrise, Kadmat Beach resort is situated in the lap of mother nature. The glass bottom boat ride and scuba diving are two of the most stunning experiences available at the resort.

  1. Coral Reef Resort

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Coral Beach

Here’s another ideal beach resort on the island of Havelock. The resort’s private beach area is well known for its cleanliness and play area. Opt for an open sea diving course, as the location of the resort is close to coral reefs and makes for a spectacular underwater experience. You might get lucky if it drizzles, for you will be able to see a clear rainbow, adding to the already ethereal experience in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  1. The Leela Kovalam

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Leela Kovalam

An exotic location at the beach town of Kerala, the Leela Kovalam is a unique destination for beach lovers. It is famous as India’s only cliff-top resort. Relish the beach of Kovalam from different angles. Savour the best of local cuisine at the resort and get the feel of the Village Life experience.

Courtney’s final note: if you plan on going to one of these resorts, or even to India, please tell me so that I can be extremely jealous of you.