Stress and meditation (this month’s free recording)

Happy fall y’all!



I am unabashedly in love with cold weather and warm sweaters and pumpkins all over my apartment.

Where do you stand on the pumpkin spice debate? I mean, I like some cinnamon and cloves like the best of ’em, but I don’t need those flavour profiles to be in every single item that I consume.

I digress. I was thinking about stress the other day. How it’s one thing to tell yourself to relax when you are reeling from a bad case of road rage, but it is quite another when you are dealing with the stress that comes from taking care of someone with a serious illness. It’s one thing to recover from a bad haircut and another to recover from receiving a bill that you just can’t pay.

Breathe it out doesn’t always work, does it?

I think that’s why I do yoga and meditate. I try to build a baseline state so that when I am thrown off course, as we all are, I have something to return to. We all need a version of this, whether it is church or good coffee or a warm dog on your lap. Something that makes the ache in your heart just a tiny bit less.

If you are experiencing stress in your life, this meditation is for you. There is breath work. There is body recognition. Hopefully there is a little pause when your heart decelerates and you find yourself with stress, rather than becoming stress.

Let me know how it works out for you (and how pumpkin spiced you are).

As ever, Courtney



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