Be Still – This Month’s Free Meditation

I have taken the time over the last month to visit many meditation centres. Not yoga studios with a side of meditation, but pure meditation. Some of these centres had chanting books. Some had incense. Some had chairs, while others had artfully arranged cushions. There were pictures of gurus, led meditations, and long chunks of silence.


I was humbled.

On some mornings, I would arrive and find myself yawning incessantly through the silence. At other times, I successfully cleared away my mental debris (“I won’t forgive her!” “What has happened to the state of the world?” “Where should I live next year?”) and was granted sweet inner stillness. I quickly realized that my inner stillness was not just a selfish act. I saw the world differently, if only for a moment. I realized that my heart still has more capacity for love than for anger.

It would be awesome if one session changed me forever. It would also be awesome if I could attend one Pilates class and reap the abs for the rest of my life.

But life doesn’t work that way.

We have to keep clearing through and feeling, even though there is so much in the world that encourages us to shut down. It is work, which is why it is so much easier not to do it.

But today, take five minutes with me and shine. Be more of you and less of the noise around you. Notice what is under the skin and blood and bone and beyond the headlines and over your own story. Take the time with me to be still.

xx Courtney

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