Total eclipse of the heart (and meditation)


Who saw the eclipse today?

If you didn’t watch it live, you might have watched it online, or talked about it at work. I went outside and a stranger let me borrow his glasses. Another stranger made sure that I didn’t miss a glimpse as I was walking away. People were staring up at the sky…together.

Man, I needed that.

The headlines and the news and the conversations I have been having lately have been focused on fear and separation. The world’s events have concerned me and made me feel disconnected. They have seeped into my dreams.

Yet, today, the solar eclipse 2017, part of the noisy world stopped talking about politics and hate groups and what people did not have in common. We all just stared up at the sky and felt small. For a brief moment in time, we were one beating heart.

I became a yoga teacher because I believe that the more we explore our spiritual sides, the more we will heal our wounds and not feel lonely. We are never separate. The moon had to kiss the sun to remind me.

To bring you back into presence before the fall season kicks into high gear, here is a guided meditation for you. I hope that you enjoy it!


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