Surprising Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Physical Health – guest post

I was talking to my friend about mindfulness (and my book!!! My book that comes out next year!!!) this weekend. He knew there were tons of benefits. It made me realize the mindfulness movement has made meditation like exercise: even if we don’t do it, we know it is good for us.

Today’s guest post is all about the physical benefits of mindfulness, which are all pretty amazing but not entirely surprising to those who have ruminated on the mind-body connection. Take it away, Brenan Quirante!

Surprising Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Physical Health1

Mindfulness meditation is the awareness and acceptance of everything in the present moment, including both the positive and negative things. It is natural for the human brain to notice negativity more than positivity. Nature has built the human brain in this way for survival purposes so that you are always aware of the dangers around you and you are ready to fight or escape.

This “survival awareness” can make people jump to the worst conclusion at the slightest sign of danger. On the other hand, other people have a natural defense mechanism that denies negative things, pretending there’s nothing wrong even when all of it is wrong.

Both types of people aren’t helping themselves! Mindfulness meditation places you in the middle. It also has a bonus: improved physical health. Here are the surprising benefits of mindfulness meditation for your physical health.

Prevention For Heart and Brain Problems

Mindfulness meditation strengthens the heart because mindfulness meditation involves breathing exercises. Scientists have also observed that people who undergo a certain amount of mindfulness meditation have brains with thicker myelin. So what exactly is myelin? Myelin is the primary component of the brain. Myelin is what gives the brain its whitish appearance. Thick myelin helps neurons synapse faster, strengthening the brain.

Improve Your Sleep Health

Have you ever felt groggy all day, and then a sudden surge of energy just when it’s already your bedtime? And you lie awake, with your eyes wide open and your mind happily thinking thought after another thought endlessly. This kind of situation will make you restless all night and ensure another day of grogginess. You need to welcome mindfulness meditation into your life. Mindfulness meditation calms the mind and the body and helps you to function better. When it’s time to sleep, mindfulness meditation makes it easier for you to relax and sleep well.

Pain Prevention

Headaches, backaches, and all sorts of aches can turn a perfect day into hell. Being in pain can make a person irritable and unpleasant to be around. Pain can turn you into The Hulk, probably without the green muscles. Mindfulness meditation lessens the stress that is brought about by body pain because mindfulness meditation involves relaxation and self-control. Mindfulness meditation can make your mind strong enough to be not affected by the pain. You can control this stress even more by checking out Peak Nootropics, medicines that enhance the mind. You’ll be like Popeye with his spinach, stronger and better.

Reduction of Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is a highly difficult condition. I have met ill-mannered people who have blamed their bad manners on their arthritis, a claim that was believable. Just like with body pain, mindfulness meditation also lessens the stress that is caused by the pain of arthritis. It may not lessen the pain, but it lessens the stress because of the same relaxation and self-control areas of mindfulness meditation.

Increases Energy Level and Immune Function

Believe it or not, but our daily habits and society, in general, encourage us to waste a lot of energy. Mindfulness meditation increases your energy level because it calms you down, saving your energy. It makes your mind clear enough to make you fully aware of which things really require your intervention, effort, and energy. It is also scientifically proven to increase the power of the immune system, helping your immune system to protect you from germs and keeping you away from sickness.

Reduces Blood Sugar Level in Diabetics

Mindfulness meditation reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics. People with diabetes tend to have high blood sugar levels because they are unable to turn the sugar from their foods into energy. That is why they become obese, but lack energy. High blood sugar levels can lead to severe complications, and some people with diabetes take medicines, exercise routines, and certain nutritional food products to deal with this. Some diabetics and select clinics use mindfulness meditation to help diabetics with their blood sugar levels (in conjunction with medicine and exercise).

Surprising Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Physical Health2

Mindfulness meditation gives you a better body, and it helps you survive. Being aware of everything in the present moment lets you know what exactly is happening, helping you respond accordingly. Mindfulness meditation can keep you from turning into one of those people who scream and run around like headless chickens in emergency situations, or those people who just stare in shock as a burning truck bounces on the highway toward them.

Mindfulness meditation can turn you into Bond, James Bond. Just kidding.

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