WTF is health coaching?

I have just finished my health coaching certification with the Mayo Clinic. It was an amazing experience that shed light on my blind spots, which can be uncomfortable and enlightening all at once.

Now I am working with people to look into all aspect of their wellness life, from spirituality to exercise to relationships to food. Sessions typically last 30 minutes or longer, helping them to devise their own plan rather than one than I think is good for them.

Why is this more effective?

Think of the times that someone gave you unwanted advice. Whether they believed that you should go Paleo or should take up running, you may have nodded, all while thinking, “There is no way I am going to do that.” The person walked away, feeling helpful and you walked away, doing what actually worked for you.

We know ourselves better than our doctors and our friends and our partners. Sometimes we fall out of relationship with ourselves, but when we are in tune, we can charge forward and make great strides.

Health coaching helps you to find your own plan of action that is sustainable and actionable. It works with your lifestyle to help you to set goals that are doable rather than too lofty. Small steps, consistently, mean that we can feel balanced, less stressed and more healthy.

I know it has worked for me. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your health. Best of all, it will be fun and over faster than you can read a self-help book, with longer-lasting results.

How much are you willing to work for your health goals?

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