Vacation meditation

I was 22 the first time I crossed the Atlantic ocean. I had just finished my undergraduate degree and I wanted to celebrate with a trip. I was with a friend from high school on one leg, a friend from University on another (and sadly, almost 15 years later, I am no longer in touch with either of them). I also had a leg in between where I was going to take a train from London to Paris by myself and have a night in Paris alone. I didn’t sleep that night and somehow ended up in a gorgeous restaurant with my one sundress that hadn’t made it to the bottom of my traveller’s backpack.


My life 10 years ago. A swiss summer. Please ignore the low rise jeans. They were popular at the time.

By the time I returned home about a month later, I was changed. I went on that first flight with nervous anticipation, but almost no expectations. I have never been the same since. I know that some people can go abroad and come home and say “There’s no place like home.” Yet a part of me has always thought, since that month, “There’s no place like a place I have never seen.”

I have been to more countries than the years I have been alive. I am returning to several I love dearly in the next couple of weeks: Italy, Germany and Sweden. I love them because of the people there, because of the lifestyle offered and (let’s be honest) because of the food. My love is coming with me and I can’t wait to people watch over steaming bowls of pasta with him.

I also realized that my wanderlust has sometimes crept into my meditations. I sometimes bring myself back to Hawaii with the rolling waves on the beach, or back to Bali with the flowers strewn across doorsteps. I also sometimes imagine what it would be like on trips I have not yet experienced.

For today’s meditation, let’s travel together. It’s a short one but I hope it will make you realize how vast your own imagination is, and how the powerful mind can relax itself, even when the next vacation is not in cards.

I hope that you enjoy!

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