Best Escapes Anyone Can Have (B.E.A.C.H.) In India

I have only been to India once. As I now teach yoga, when I tell people this, they often imagine me in an ashram, a la Eat Pray Love. And although I have been to Italy, India and Bali, like Elizabeth Gilbert, I went for very different reasons than she did (although I did see a medicine man and must tell you that story another time).

I went to India to train a group of men on an IT platform. I wore a suit. In another life, I gave PowerPoint Presentations. Okay, I still do, but now they are yoga or writing related. When I was in Gurgaon and New Delhi, I didn’t even consider taking a yoga class. I mostly fought off jet lag and ate rich meals with my colleagues. I am squinting in all of the photos that were taken – with a camera – because I forgot sunglasses.

Although I don’t like to repeat countries (I always say I will save that when I am older) I think I will have to make an exception for India, to have an entirely different experience. I would like to have long periods of meditation and sit outside in the heat with a group of people looking for more than what our Smartphones and computers can deliver.

Rohit Agarwal lives there and he fuelled my Wunderlust by writing this article about the top ten beach resorts in India. I have been on a plane within the last week and I truly have nothing to complain about, but I couldn’t help but sigh as I looked at the lavish photography. Read with caution.

India has been considered a subcontinent for its unique topographic features and landmarks. One of those features is that more than one-third of the country is clearly defined by bodies of water. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, the Indian Subcontinent provides a surreal location for ideal beach retreats. From coastal waves to backwater beaches, from white sand to pebble beaches, from relaxing lazy ambiance to wild sports adventures, the following 10 resorts mentioned below are literally the Best Escape Anybody Can Have (B.E.A.C.H.)

  1. The Leela Goa

Image Source


A private beach and absolutely beautiful lagoon suites with exemplary hotel service are what describes The Leela Goa which is India’s only beach and riverside resort. Pamper yourself with their ranges of Ayurveda Spa treatments or just sign up to their cultural meanderings and heritage visit experiences.

  1. Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa

Image Source

Park Hyatt

The Indo-Portuguese village structure will charm you as you enter Park Hyatt Goa Resort. Located on Arossim beach and home to one of the largest pools in Goa, the resort is ideal for both, sunbathing on the golden sand and enjoying the pool water slides. Don’t miss out on the horticulture tour and fresh seafood cooked to perfection.

  1. Barefoot at Havelock

Image Source


Experience paradise at Havelock Island’s one of the best beach resorts. Nestled in lush rainforest greenery and near a white sand beach, barefoot at Havelock is a dream come true for beach lovers. Explore the resort grounds filled with exotic birds and animals or go snorkelling to explore fascinating underwater life.

  1. Mayfair Palm Beach Resort

Image Source


Facing the Bay of Bengal, on the coastal lines of Odisha lies the Mayfair Palm Beach Resort catering to the aesthetic pleasure of sea-lovers. The resort is exquisitely decorated with sea shells and the architecture suggests an old world charm while the rooms are sufficiently modern. Enjoy tea with a cool sea breeze by the ever rolling waves.

  1. Taj Exotica Goa

Image Source

Taj Exotica

If you are looking for a secluded and romantic experience at one of the finest beach resorts in Goa, Taj Exotica Goa has got you covered. Their unique private dining experience with handcrafted menus and enthralling settings by the beach is one of the sensorial services the resort offers.

  1. Vivanta by Taj Bekal

Image Source


Private courtyards and swinging beds by the sea? Luxury is redefined at one of the Kerala’s most elegant resorts. Take a leisure cruise on a Kettuvalam, Keralite houseboat often known as ‘boast with knots’ or spend an evening enjoying the gorgeous landscape with the sea and the backwaters converging.

  1. Marbela Beach Resort

Image Source


The beach facing accommodation of Marbela Beach resort will make you feel as if paradise is literally at your doorstep. This resort is also home to the hottest night beach parties of Goa and private luxury tents. Beautiful cabanas a few steps from the beach, surrounded by small gardens are perfect spots to view tropical sunsets.

  1. Kadmat Beach Resort

Image Source



Kadmat is one of the virgin unspoiled beaches of Lakshwadeep Islands. Surrounded by crystal clear water and glistening white sand positioned in the coconut palm groves with dolphins playing beyond the coral reef at sunrise, Kadmat Beach resort is situated in the lap of mother nature. The glass bottom boat ride and scuba diving are two of the most stunning experiences available at the resort.

  1. Coral Reef Resort

Image Source

Coral Beach

Here’s another ideal beach resort on the island of Havelock. The resort’s private beach area is well known for its cleanliness and play area. Opt for an open sea diving course, as the location of the resort is close to coral reefs and makes for a spectacular underwater experience. You might get lucky if it drizzles, for you will be able to see a clear rainbow, adding to the already ethereal experience in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  1. The Leela Kovalam

Image Source

Leela Kovalam

An exotic location at the beach town of Kerala, the Leela Kovalam is a unique destination for beach lovers. It is famous as India’s only cliff-top resort. Relish the beach of Kovalam from different angles. Savour the best of local cuisine at the resort and get the feel of the Village Life experience.

Courtney’s final note: if you plan on going to one of these resorts, or even to India, please tell me so that I can be extremely jealous of you.




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