Legs up the wall

It has been a rainy day, and I have been outside a lot. At first I fooled myself into thinking it was “fresh.” It didn’t take long before I got tired of rain hitting my eyelashes and pelting against my clothing.

If I don’t take a moment to tend to myself after moments like these, I am in danger of taking it out on someone else. You know, the person who is responsible for very heavy rain. Screw that person. (See? It’s already happening.).

Legs up the wall is my go-to pose for taking a load off. I may sit with a meditation timer, or I might give myself no time limit at all. There is something about the whoosh of blood out of the feet and legs (that is the technical term) that allows me to feel incredibly grounded. Or at the very least, it releases my vile mind.

If you are in the mood for a legs-up-the-wall party, come join me on this recording. I also got kind of bossy with the mind in this meditation. Hope you enjoy! The music is by Lisbeth Scott.

2 thoughts on “Legs up the wall

  1. Berta says:

    Thank you, Court!
    I found amazing how I could see your face and your smile (at the beginning) when I closed my eyes.
    Have a lovely rest of the month! Namaste!
    Stor Kram!


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