Yinspiration – a free yin yoga session

Hi everyone!

Whew. What a whirlwind. I went home for the holidays and I saw most of the people who mattered. I am so lucky to have a lot of people who matter. People who light me up and make me laugh and tell the truth.

Yet I am exhausted.

When I came back to Philly, I had the distinct inclination to lie on the floor. I figured this tapped out feeling couldn’t have just been me. So I created a yin class rather than a meditation this month. It is short again, because I know you guys are busy. This one is around 17 minutes, with a 3-minute intro. It is melty and it even includes intention building – kind intentions for the new year, rather than mean ones meant to inform us of what we very much are not.

I hope this time on the floor makes you aware of what you already have, and who you already are. Moving into 2017 with that kind of awareness will be all kinds of awesome.

I can’t wait to see you in 2017 for more free fun. Please let me know if you yin with me and let me know how you felt!

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