Free holiday meditation for the overscheduled

It’s Black Friday. I am not a big shopper, so I consider this day to be “lounge and enjoy your life” Friday. So far I am excelling at it.


Years ago, when I realized that I am a woman who will likely be moving a lot in her lifetime, I started a new trend. Rather than buy one, get one free, I am of the mindset of buy one, give one away. This mindset means that I have to consider if I am ready to give something up when I am pulled into the consumerism bubble. If the answer is no, then I can’t buy.

Since I have implemented this rule, I rarely have clutter and moving seems much less daunting. My closet is organized. Even my partner started doing it about a year ago and we like to believe that if we have kids we will bring them up with this value.

Who would have thought that less stuff means more happiness?

No one can argue that it is nice to get things that give you that little boost, and it’s even better when they don’t take up closet space. This free monthly meditation is for all of you who tend to get overwhelmed during the holidays (ie. most of us). If you are already scheduling the whole month, please make sure that you do this meditation at least once. More than once will be even better, as a reminder that you are entitled to your feelings and your human need for relaxation. It is my gift to you.

I hope that you enjoy it! Take that Black Friday – free is better!



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