Oh, it’s all me (restorative sequence)

When I am feeling dejected, I always get convinced that the world is a little less friendly. People shut down. The world is proving itself to be just as I thought.

At those moment, I should start thinking Exactly. 

How much does the external world manifest from our thoughts and emotions? A lot more than we think. Even a small switch on a no good, very bad day, like a smile, can be reciprocated and make us realize that the world is just as it was. It was my tumultuous, dramatic inner landscape that made me convinced the world had changed right along with me.

Yesterday I saw a shift in the whole city just by having a lovely conversation with a stranger. I capped off the experience by lying on the floor and doing the subtlest, sweetest of moments. The ones that weren’t for show. I wasn’t even showing off for myself. I was just saying, There there. You deserve to rest too.


If you’re feeling the need for a little emotional boost, give this a shot. Grab a pillow or a rolled up sleeping bag or a bolster and get ready for bliss.

  1. Hug the bolster, a la child’s pose. Turn your head to the left to pause and then to the right. Breathe.
  2. In a prone position (belly down) put the bolster under your hips and upper thighs. Bring your hands to the ground for a variant on upward facing dog. Don’t stay too long.
  3. Put the support under your front hip and thigh for pigeon. Marinate. Switch sides.
  4. Bring the soles of the feet together and don’t lean forward. Sit up proudly. Breathe clearly. (See picture above)
  5. Lie on your back and put the bolster under your knees. Connect your hands to your heart. Give it some room. Feel the support of the floor. Feel the sameness of the final relaxation, even if your emotions are always pivoting.

There is always someone in the world practicing yoga with you, even if you are doing a home practice. You are never alone.


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