Feel big

Today is a big day, for so many reasons. An election happened that has left people brokenhearted. It is at least what I see across Philadelphia. I feel sad.


I wanted to put it out there that it is important that we not numb ourselves, however we feel in our lives. Many of us have been brought up with words like “stay strong” and “buck up” and “keep positive.” I feel that there is quite a lot of light in this world but I don’t want to ignore the darkness. The difference between me in my twenties and me in my thirties is that younger me ignored everything but joy. My body got sick more often, in protest for my inability to listen. Now when I am sad, I let myself feel it, even if it takes some time to work its way through. Given my emotions the room to coarse through my body allows me to process the whole human experience. Eventually, I always pick myself up and dust myself off and realize that all I can do as one person is love as big and as freely as possible.

I invite you to feel whatever you do, whether it is angry or sad or happy. Give yourself the gift of your own presence.

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