Monthly meditation – The “Enough” Meditation

Hi lovely people! As promised, I am doing these meditations every month and I enjoy doing it. Please let me know if they are working for you or if you would like them to be longer or shorter. There is a slight eco because of my mike in the room, but I am on a recording learning curve. These things take time, and the only way I can get better is by trying.

I am about to have a birthday and I love birthdays! They allow me to take stock of where I have come and what I have right now and the love that I feel. I realized how amazingly lucky I am to work in the fields that I do and to be surrounded by amazing people who are working to be better every day. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey.

You are enough. That is the theme of this month’s short meditation to ground you and celebrate you, birthday or not!


2 thoughts on “Monthly meditation – The “Enough” Meditation

  1. Berta says:

    Hi Courtney,

    I really liked the recording. Your voice is like a “Om” for me and this particular recording make me cry. Maybe I would have done it up to 15 minutes as I found it a little short. Otherwise I enjoyed the concept.

    The other day, I heard a beautiful expression in Spanish that I would like to share with you: “dejarse otoñar”, it means “leave the dry leaves go away (it is a metaphor of Autumn)”.

    I have loved meditated with you. Even though we are so many miles away, I was able to feel you next to me.

    Keep it up!

    Looking forward the next chapter! 🙂

    Lots of love and tight hugs!



    • courtneysunday says:

      Dear Berta

      Never replied to this, but wanted to thank you for meditating with me! I miss you and you fantastic energy. Can’t wait to see you again, but glad that we have this connection until then.



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