If you need more…

“If you need more, lift your knee from the ground.”
“If you need more, grab onto your foot.”
“If you need more, slide your hand all the way down to the ground.”

We have all heard this term in yoga class. Heck, I have said this in yoga class. I felt it was a way of embracing all levels. The advanced could be with the beginners, and we could all live happily ever after.

Only in the last couple of years did I realize that “if you need more” didn’t mean “do it if you can.” I completely and totally took this as a yoga teacher challenge. I better do the bind if I can! I better lift off the ground because I did it last week.



I may be a slow learner because this was ten years into my yoga journey before I realized the term “if.” I also realized that when I teach, I don’t have to tell people what to do “if they need more.” They get it. Those advanced yogis will go upside down whether you invite them to or not.

It was freeing to go to a class and decide, you know what? I didn’t need more. Right here was enough. And the mantra “enough” kept going through my head all day. I am enough. This is enough. My body is enough. I don’t need to always ask more of it. Sometimes, I can extend gratitude to it, just as it is.


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