Are We All Experts?

Living in the US at this particular point in history is interesting, to say the least. I am not one to express political views on the Internet, but I am intrigued by the opinions of my friends, fellow bloggers and everyone at large. It seems as if everyone is shouting from the rooftops.

I was at the library another day and struck by how much we have changed when it has come to the written word (and the spoken word for that matter). Not only are we much bigger fans of acronyms, but we also love non-fiction titles. Works that are penned by celebrities rather than writers. “How to’s” sell much more readily than a journey into imagination.

Couple Walking on Beach

Hence my question: are we all experts?

Instagram is a prime example of the fact that we like to dictate. Here is how to live like me! This is the juice I have every morning – you should too! I am certainly not entirely blameless. I have added to the pile of opinion. Yet I wonder why we are so desperate to teach and less inspired to listen. The more we put out there insisting that our way is the best way, the less we can gather from real experience, real elders and the experts that have done the work. I dabble and I am doing my best to expert my way to yoga and writing wisdom. I certainly don’t believe I am there. I think I will need to earn many more wrinkles (no hurry!).

When do you believe that expert-ing happens? Are you an expert in anything? I would love to hear below.


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