Free guided meditation!

Who doesn’t like a little free in their life? My meditation practice and I have been on good terms lately (I think it has something to do with the nip in the air) and I even went to an early morning class today. I ended up being the only one there, and was struck by how much easier it is to meditate with someone. There is something about the shared energy and intention that makes the time go by faster. It was a beautiful way to start the day.


Photo credit Jennifer Harrington

I know that when I was starting to meditate, I was frustrated by the high pressure recommendations from some of my teachers. I couldn’t sit on the floor for an hour comfortably, and when I asked for suggestions, I was given none. I wasn’t emotionally ready to take a ton of time to sit, and yet I was told that unless I could do 20 minutes a day, it was worthless.

That thinking has never resonated with me. It is akin to saying that because you ate cookies last night, there is no point of having a healthy breakfast. It is like saying that if you can’t go all out at the gym, that you might as well sit on your butt. Long meditation sessions are wonderful, yet they can’t always happen. That’s okay. Five minutes for you, even with a headset in the bathroom, can make a world of difference. I find even a small session makes me much more likely to say “Good morning” to strangers.

My goal is to do at least one of these freebies a month (and if you like it a lot, maybe more). Please give this a shot. I call this one “Meditation for the Busiest of Days.” It’s five minutes of “you” time. Enjoy and let me know in the comments below what you think.


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