Once Upon A Time…

And they lived happily ever after….


Many marriages in the past were built under the assumption that there would be a fairy tale ending. In modern times, we believe more in Tinder hookups than we believe in these endings. We have collectively grown up as a society.

Or have we?

When I tell people I am a yoga teacher and a writer, many people give me a wistful look. They imagine that my life is a yoga retreat. I spend the day in meditative bliss and then I write about what I want to. I am living the dream.

I certainly don’t want to knock my professions but after I got my tenth inquiry into how to make it as a yoga teacher or writer, I thought it would be great to write about it. First off, in no ways have I made it – at 35 I am working harder than ever to make a fraction of what I made in my twenties. Secondly, as with anything in life, you work at it. You want to become a yoga teacher? Do yoga, read yoga, live yoga, surround yourself with yoga, be yoga. You want to become a writer? Write often, write for everyone, write for yourself, join writer’s groups, apply to writer’s jobs, get rejected, rinse and repeat.

Everything in life, including the surf shop you dreamed about owning in Hawaii, comes as a result of someone who worked their butt off to get there. It may not have felt like work for the passionate, but it still didn’t come for free. A free-lance life is a misnomer, but if you want to do anything, start taking steps in that direction. Steps are more productive than wistful glances, in my opinion.

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