Writing Alone and With Others

I am reading the above titled book by Pat Schneider. It is a book that is both easy to read, yet commands attention. It dissects writing and it makes it fun. Pat equally believes writing is a craft and that it is for everyone.

I have been reading a little bit of this book every day to help to create lasting work. While my first book sits on a shelf in first draft form, waiting for me to get perspective, I started another based on my short meditations for everyday. In other words, I kept writing when I was supposed to be taking a break. To my surprise, it wasn’t drudgery. It was pleasure.


Flickr, Frederik Rubensson, flic.kr/p/ffFhz5

Pat Schneider wrote something in the book that I think will stick with me for a long time. Discipline is love. From Olympic athletes to seasoned authors to exceptional chefs, people stay dedicated to their craft because at the root, they love it wholly. Every writer has a love affair with the written word that is steadfast, even though writing may resist a commitment.


Flickr, Ibai, flic.kr/p/8hrDC3

This book is a gem that has reduced my fear. I am writing poems again and short-shorts about everything from my cat to the way flowers look in a vase. I am reconnecting with the little girl I used to be, excited for the chance to express myself with pen to paper. Everyone has some discipline and it is undoubtedly connected to an area of life which they love. Discipline isn’t work, it turns out. What a fantastic reframing.

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