What Makes You Different?

I have just returned from Switzerland, where I used to live. It is the country where I learned to be quiet. It is the country where I learned who I needed to be.


The picnic. The friend. The champagne.

While I was in Geneva, I saw a friend of mine who gives the best hugs and the best advice. She was asking me about my career trajectory. I talked about how where I end up, geographically speaking, is still up in the air. I spoke about my affinity for the West coast and said how many of my esteemed teachers live there. She asked me, if I were to teach there, what makes me different?

Without realizing it, I rattled off how good the other teachers were. How they had experience I did not. How they had marketing skills and deep true stories and the ability to push up to handstand. My friend smiled patiently and said, “You didn’t answer my question. What makes you different?”

Whether or not there are a lot of fabulous people in our field, we each have something individual to offer. My audience may never be splashy. I may never show my abs on YouTube. But I have a slow, simple style that is interested in individual human variation. That is who I am right now as a teacher.

It is an excellent question for any of us. What is it that makes you different?

One thought on “What Makes You Different?

  1. Bertutxy says:

    I loved to have spent some time with you and I realized how much I miss you! You are a very special yoga teacher (and that is not a friend opinion but a student feeling). When I did the yoga class with you, your voice echoed in our hearts as the om … and this was when you were just starting… so I don’t even want to imagine now. Keep it up, Court! You have a lot of potential there! Btw.. you also made me thing a lot! Big hug!!


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