Teacher Training Final Weekend

I didn’t know if I could ever lead a yoga teacher training. I was nervous enough when I first starting teaching beginners, but teaching teachers? Come on. My friend and mentor, Monica Angelucci kept telling me, “You’re ready.” I argued with her. I told her I needed more time. I didn’t know everything yet. “You will never know everything,” she said.

So I applied to become a school and was shocked when I was accepted. If I was a school, I should probably get some students. My hope was that I would get five. And somehow, from nowhere, five amazing people trusted me and came into my program. We tore ourselves open. They taught me and I taught them. By the end of eight months, they were yoga teachers.

thumb_IMG_3795_1024 (1) (1)

So even though I moved away, I did it again. A nice small group of people that I went in knowing a little but now see as friends. They are strong people, both emotionally and physically and they are the type of people who stand in front of a room and help people to feel. Men and women that you don’t doubt for a second will make the world a better place.

I am a yoga school, but I am always a student. My students can be my teachers just as much as I can be theirs. As we come to the end of our time together, I feel so amazed and proud of engaging with people who are deep thinkers and creative souls. Class of 2016 – congratulations!

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