Back Pain and Writing

I have just started writing for a site called EmpowHER. Is it redundant to make a reference to the fact that it makes me feel empowered to do so? Too late.

I am pretty good at the eating right and exercising part of the health equation. If I ever lag in effort, the fact that I am a yoga teacher generally keeps me in check. Although writing articles and researching material is exceptionally good for the soul, it is not as good for the posture. I hunch over and get excited, fingers flying over the keyboard (thanks, 9th grade typing class! I remember when we were memorizing Qwerty we had a video that kept going over p with the baby finger. The person on the screen kept shouting, “Peanuts!” and we would all fall over in hysterics).

I digress. So although I do a stupid amount of yoga, I still have had back pain. And, like getting older, back pain is not for suckers. When I found myself in the throes of a spasm, I went to all corners of the earth to try and get remedies. I did get relief and I still slouch but when I catch myself I do scold myself. Posture matters, people.

Bringing my first paragraph together with my last in an author’s flourish, here is an article I recently wrote for Empowher on the subject of healing back pain. Enjoy and learn from my mistakes!

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