The Art of Rejection(s)

I knew I was was a real writer when I got a rejection email…and I was thrilled. Being rejected on a weekly basis is part and parcel of this creative field. When you first start you take it personally, especially if you pore your heart into a pitch, a story, or an application. Then you start to realize that you have a lot of heart. Each piece that you write gets a little of it. It may be received well and it may not be received at all. You must keep chugging along because the more you get rejected, the closer you get to getting accepted and the better you become at being a writer.

Back to my thrilled response. It was for a writing conference that I was hopelessly under-qualified for. It was basically asking for Poets Laureate, Nobel Peace Prize holders and PhDs. I applied anyway and I got a response. Not a stock email but a personal email, indicating that my piece was read. It felt magical.

Sure, I would have felt better if I had actually gotten accepted, but frankly, I probably wasn’t ready for such an event. Every day I write. Every day I attempt to find the right words. One day I will get accepted to such a conference and I will remember all of the rejections that got me there.


In the spirit of mother’s day, I have my beautiful mother to thank for this attitude. No matter what happened in my life, she believed sunshine was around the corner. Soon I started seeking sunshine on the greyest of days, and I have her love to thank for that.

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