Creativity Begets Creativity

I try to remember this on days when living a creative life seems like the hardest thing. I left the corporate world because each day felt like the last and a job as a freelance writer certainly wouldn’t be redundant. However, it can be frustrating and I’m not going to lie…some days I wake up and wish I could coast. Just point me to the nearest spreadsheet and let my brain turn off!

forest yoga

Last night, I went to my beloved writing class and I felt the elusive spark. The spark that all writers covet the same way runners covet their high. Ideas came pouring out of me like sweat. My brain couldn’t turn off but I love my sleep so I forced myself to rest. Then I woke up and bam…some of the ideas had floated away.

To write is to choose love over logic. To write is to try to find a way of explaining this crazy thing called life in a contained word frame. To write is to be so interested in the human condition that you will climb into the inner recess of your mind and stay awhile.

Coasting was easier (and I had more shoes when I worked in the corporate world). But writing has sunk its claws into me. I love it for better and for worse.

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